Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Most people think that love just happens. Quick and easy, like in the movies. "Oops, we're in love!" But really, love takes work. Not the kind of work that is tiresome and tedious. It's the kind of work that's fulfilling and builds your confidence. Those same people think that the work is done to change or adjust something about the other person, but it should be work that you do to yourself. The way I see it, you're constantly learning and this learning is applied to your relationship to make you better equipped as a true friend and partner.

I have to say that yes, I know all of this from my own experience. I'm fortunate enough to have a partership with my husband that is based on a foundation of faith and love. I never expected to find this. My extended family has its fair share of divorce and separation so maybe I thought it couldn't happen. But it did. I find myself connected, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to a wonderful man who is still my best friend, who still makes me laugh until the tears come and who works equally as hard as I do toward our marriage. It's not just acceptance of who I am - he truly appreciates and encourages who I am, the whole package. From what I've seen, that's pretty rare and I thank God everyday for allowing me to know this kind of love.

Happy Birthday, Jon. You are my treasure.

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