Saturday, December 31, 2005


December 31st?!?!?! Sheesh, where have I been? I almost couldn't remember my password to login to this thing. Pretty sad. Is it possible I missed a whole month somehow? Where did I put it? It's not under the bed. Maybe it's in the back room with all of the junk we threw in there to make room for the Christmas decorations.

Now that I think about it, I seem to have misplaced 2005. Where did it go? Let's see if I can jog my memory to answer my own question.

This year, I've been...
Changing diapers.
Missing sleep.
Folding laundry
Five feet deep.

Washing dishes.
Paying bills.
Brushing up my
money juggling skills.

At work:
Phoning, faxing, emailing, then
At home:
Phoning, faxing and emailing again.

But in the midst of it all...the stuff that really matters.

Savoring smiles.
Tickling toes.

Singing along with
Baby videos.

Pushing swings.
Reading books.
Trying to capture
each of his looks.

Feeling and knowing
and having a ball.

Crying and laughing
and loving it all.

I enter 2006 with two beautiful guys by my side and an amazing little girl watching from above.
Happy New Year family.

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Mapris said...

Happy New Year to my girl. Can Zaya get any cuter? Probably. I love you.