Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I've been meaning to... this for quite some time. It seems that I frequently hear a story or read something that really pokes at me in some way. I can be reading an article online, listening to the news (I say listening because I'm usually answering e-mails with the TV on) or just talking to a friend and some piece of information will hit me and challenge me to think, maybe even change my perspective. Most of the time it will relate somehow to all that we have going on with The Shining Light Fund. I've been slowly realizing over the past few months that it could be good for me to process through these thoughts.

God has led me to this really interesting place in my life. Every day, I receive at least one e-mail message from a mom or a dad who has lost baby. It's sometimes overwhelming to be on the receiving end of all that sadness and pain. But at the same time, I've been chosen (I know it was not random) to be a part of something that just might ease a little of that pain, and that gives me unbelievable joy. I believe that feeling tremendous sadness and joy at the same time is a very special part of the human experience. I never want to take my role in that experience lightly.

I'm anticipating this will be my sounding board. I may SHOUT about something that angers me or just pose all kinds of rhetorical questions when I'm confused. And of course, I'll share all the good news - despite what you read and hear everyday, I know there is always good news. So this will be a way to document my journey on this amazing road.

Remember, these are just my thoughts, my opinions. I don't claim to be an expert at anything. If you do choose to come along for the ride, these thoughts are just meant to spark new thoughts in you, and maybe even help in some way. The most important thing is that we keep reaching out to each other, keep passing the light that we have inside.

Thanks for listening.

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